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Pump management station for the artesian well pumps.  

The pump management station is designed for stand-alone artesian wells. It provides control, regulation and protection of artesian well pump. The pump management stations are the main part of water supply SCADA system.

Pump management station consists of: 1. Specialized controller for submersible pump. 2. Control cabinet with contactors and manual controls. 3. Communication device.

Typical specialised controller features are: Pump status control Pump protection (overcurrent, overvoltage, surge protection, phase unbalance) Working time count Power consumtion measurement Phase angle measurement and dry drive protection Phase volltage measurements Phase unbalance measurement Phase current measurements Ground leaking current measurement Overheating protection Pressure measurement Flow measurement Temperature measurement Defrosting heater control (for cold climate) Setpoint memory Events memory Guard sensors control LCD display Comunication with high level of management (SCADA)

Control cabinet with contactors and manual controls: Control cabinet is provided power supply for pump Control cabinet is provided power supply for heater Contactors control from specialised controller (Auto mode) Contactors control from sensors (Local mode) Contactors control from control switches (Manual mode) Variable frequency drive may be installed in control cabinet and supported by specialised controller software.

Communication device.

Communication device is intended to provide connection between SCADA level and pump management station. It is located in control cabinet. Communication device is radio or power line modem with 4,8-Kbit rate.

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