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SCADA system -The SCADA system general purposes are a control points data acquisition, monitoring and reporting to the operator. All routine operations will be automated and plant can normally operated as unmanned. The SCADA system has distributed control structure and consists of control center and some quantity of remote terminal units as PLC (programmable logic controller), which communicated with control center.

Graphical Programming Tool - The systems integrator software programmed all the controllers. The Windows NT-based graphical programming tool with standard IEC 61131.3 language and C. All programming was written in IEC Function Block Diagram, which was the simplest and most versatile language for the application and is the easiest for the water plants maintenance personnel to follow and troubleshoot.

NT PC serves as operator, management and maintenance HMI. Databases and DDE drivers are separate, the SCADA packages are unlimited in tags, and the PC is loaded with different suites of software.

UPS units with surge protection and sized to supply 45 minutes of power are provided for every HMI, automation controller, RTU, and communications device. This precaution protects microprocessors and memory from power glitches, and it keeps the operator apprised of control statuses in operating and non-operating areas of the plant and water distribution system.

The system features provide data management and increased data accuracy, trending capabilities, and complete and timely report generation. The new installation standardized hardware and software, improved operator interfaces, enhanced communications and established the core for an integrated information system. The detailed data captured by SCADA system is valuable in understanding and modeling water system operations and in designing infrastructure improvements.

Our SCADA system allows virtually every facet of water distribution management and control to be accomplished. If conditions in the water system change, personnel can be immediately dispatched to correct the problem before it causes service problems for any of our customers.

After every shift, the information is uploaded into a computer database so that crews on the next shift have the most up-to-date information. Work crews will do all of their maintenance reports on the computer, so a great deal of time-consuming paperwork will be reduced.

The system is a move to a paperless maintenance management system that is expected to allow fewer errors or duplication, and to increase data accuracy and accessibility. The decrease in paperwork also will allow maintenance crews to focus on managing and maintaining the facilities rather than on office work.

The control center is realized as IBM compatible PC with next configuration:

• processor: Intel Pentium3 600MHz

• memory
RAM 128 Mbytes

• data storage
hard disk: 12 Gbytes
CD device: CD-R device and 25 CD-R blank disks
floppy device: 3.5 inch floppy device and 10 floppy blank disks

• video
21 inch monitor device
graphic adapter card

• input
keyboard device
mouse device

• output
color printer

• communication
56 kbps internal PCI modem
UART 16550 serial devices
IEEE 802.3 network adapter device
Siemens M20 Terminal GSM device

The control center PC has backup power supply and can operate without main power supply minimum one hour. Wall mounted lockable equipment box contain communication equipment for control center. Also this box has 50% additional capacity for future use.

The event messages, the measure tables, the measure graphics and reports printing by control center printer.

The communication via telephone channels using for alarm message sending and bidirectional communication with remote clients. The communication with remote clients protected by asymmetric cryptography method and all remote connections are logging.

We provide the control center with our control center software packet, it can be adapted for the customer. The control center software packet contains next utilities:

• server part
object manager
configuration manager
database manager
test utility
simulator utility
operator part

• SCADA client
schematic constructor
report and graphic editor
water main and pump analyze utilitie

The software fully localized for Latvian region (text, symbols, date/time format, etc.) The plant graphic view has a process units, pipe interconnections and other details in interactive mode (operator can control by object directly from graphic view).

The schematic view has a mouse wheel zoom and one action schema normalizing. The "SCADA client" software has hardened convenient design. The object specific view and control process can be adjusted separately for each object.

The software settings can be changed after password checking and it will be registered in log file. The set points and value limits can be changed at control center and at object size after password checking and it will be registered in log file.

All events and operator action are registering in log file with date/time tag and duty operator tag. Password checking protects the duty operator register process. The "SCADA client" software has event message line for indicating messages such as alarms, out of limits, security events and etc. The each message accompanied with sound and it stops after confirmation. Also system can be supplied with an external siren and flashing lights.

The abnormal situations graphically indicate at view and gets normal view after situation normalization. Each abnormal situation is indispensably registering in log.

The software can produce printed report documents with data tables or(and) graphs for set time period (the Customer should determinate the document view).

The data is storing in standard databases, which can be configuring by setup. All database records has time tag. All databases can be reached from the network in read-only mode by like Microsoft Access software also data can be exported to any network host or data storage device such as floppy disk or CD-R. The native SCADA databases are inaccessible for write or correct operations. Only exported databases can be modified and rebuild.

The SCADA system provides the monitoring and control by the plant equipment and it provides such as:
• well pumps and alarms operative status
• flow for each well
• plant inlet raw water flow-meter
• plant outlet treated water flow-meter
• treated water pH
• filter operation mode (normal, standstill, back-washing)
• wash-water flow-meter
• air flow-meter
• inlet pressure transmitter
• filter differential pressure transmitter
• indication of each dosing pumps and their status
• treated water turbidity
• level transmitter
• wash-water pump and air blower operative status
• turbidity in high lift pumping station outlet
• number of high lift pumps and the operative status of all pumps
• pressure in high lift pump station outlet main at the high lift pump station
• level transmitter in each chamber of the service reservoir
• chlorine dosing rate
• chlorine residual

The maximum and minimum values can be sets for each measure in SCADA systemThe SCADA system provides an event messages sending via GSM modem (SMS messages) or via radio channel or telephone line (pager messages). The messages sending to the duty operator phone(pager) number, which can be changed after password checking. Also has possibility to inform specialists by GSM or pager about abnormal system operation such as communication faults and etc. The event messages text is adjusting for Customer.The dialing connections are protected by asymmetric cryptography methods and SCADA resources can’t be reached without the special strong cryptography algorithm keys.Any critical areas can be guard by the motion scanners or inductivity sensors.


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