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Street lighting management systems.  

ELLAT contributes to the street lighting with the management and control system. The street lighting control system is the management systems which using as a data link a high-speed noise-resistant digital radio communication.

The street lighting control system gives significant economic benefit and allows paying back a system during short time.

The system works under the entered by the user schedule (separately night and evening modes) and does not require operator interference. The schedule is entering for one year forwards for each urban region or for the certain groups of streets.

There is a group of auxiliary functions for each object:
Security alarm system
Quantity of faulty lamps
Quantity of faulty fuses
Phase currents measurement
Phase voltages measurement
Operating time account in each mode

The statistics of all measured parameters permits to analyze working process of the enterprise and to predict probable malfunctions.

The system is delivered with several dispatching programs permitting to look through the communications schemes, creating own databases, to work in the enterprise local computer network. The user can supplement the group of the dispatching programs and then the system will acquire new functions.

All blocks included in a system have an extended temperature range and protected from external effects.

Street lighting control systems are built in cities Riga, Elgava, Liepaja, Ventspils, Daugavpils and Jurmala.

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